Needing some Gold Valve Help

My younger bro and I are learning the in's and outs of Gold Valves on his 2 smoke 2000 YZ 250. We have the fronts feeling great, but I am running into some questions on the rear.

First is the jet that RT puts in the kit, the details sheet lists N/A beside the Bleed Jet. Does this mean that you insert it undrilled or leave it out totally?

Second is what are you guys (MX Tuner/Dave) finding that the dampening difference is between 2 shims of equal dia. different thicknesses. For instance if you were to replace a .1mm x 19mm shim with a .15mm x 19mm shim, what degree of dampening difference have you encountered.

You install the jet without drilling it.

Also help enlighten me on how the difference in shim diameter affects the dampening.

The smaller diameter shims don't bend as easily as the larger shims. Looking closely at the shim charts should give you an indication as to how a thinner shim acts compared to a thicker one.

Shim charts? as in the listing of the different stacks that Race Tech puts in the package.

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