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choke raise idle for 10 sec only

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bike starts good cold or hot ,but when i use choke on cold engine, idle raise for about 10 sec and drops to 1580 rpm . I also can not set idle more than 1580 rpm or it will hang . From 1580 to 1640 rpm a slight blip from throttle will bring it back down . any setting over that it will hang bad and high . i had this problem for over 6 month so i have tried everything i have read here on TT from 2002 to 2016 , twice .    


fcr 39 mx 

blue needle jd jetting 2 clip from top or red 4 clip same problem

45 46 48 or 50 pilot same problem 

no pilot air jet

165 main

fuel screw i.5 to 2.5 turns depending on temp (between 40 f  and 70 f  )

just changed slide seal 

just changed cable 

120% not mechanical or air  leak 

i do have a lot  off carbon residue on spark arrester 

very bad fuel consumption 

beside all that , bike runs fantastic from low to high RPM

i just would love to have my idlle set to 1800 rpm ( lot off slow single track riding )

Any  ideas are more than welcome . 













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