Any suggestions for a softer trail seat for a 2010 yz250 style?


Hey mate, do softer seats, check em out.

Also Hi/Flight and Ceet do .Check them out on E-Bay store.

You might find the seat foam is fine if you soften the rear shock. Not joking. The stock shock has a horrible spike on high speed strokes. Turn the HS adjuster nut fully out. And experiment with the rebound clicker in both directions. Also if you are under 170 lbs then try a softer spring. You can have a very hard seat if the rear suspension is setup soft enough.

I went to a small time auto upholstery shop to do mine. They shaved it down and added softer foam. Did it all, including cover on/off for like $25.

The cover type matters, too. If its a grippy cover, then the softening makes it grip you a bit more....for better for worse.

You could also drill holes from the bottom of the foam to soften it. I did this once on a KTM seat with a 1" wood cutting bit.

It wasn't pretty, but it worked. I put a piece of tape on the shank so I wouldn't drill to deep. I think I did like 3 across and maybe 4 rows.

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