Question About A PW50 Oiler

I'm doing a top end on our grandsons 99 PW50, along with graphics and new tires.  I thought while I had apart I would remove the oil tank and oiler to simplify and clean up the engine compartment a bit, and just pour premix in the fuel tank.

I removed the oiler, but not sure what that "mechanism" is sticking out of the case.  Plus I'm not sure if premix going through the carburetor will lubricate all the necessary items, as it would through the oiler.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Premix works fine. The mechanism sticking out of the case is the oil pump. I just pulled the pump, removed the drive gear, and reinstalled. You can then do away with the tank and lines if you want. Use the fuel that you have for your other 2 strokes and you will be fine.

Ok, so the pump will just act as a cover once the gear is removed.


Should I plug the nipple on the carburetor and the two on the pump?

Thanks for the info Wyatt.


While snooping around, I found this sight:


The make a plate to cap off the oil pump hole. 


Or as you said, you can use the pump for a block off plate.


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