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Calling out to 3D printer operators

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There is a need for reproduction XL/XR600 dual carb fuel crossover tubes. They are a discontinued item that is frequently broken if you're not very careful disassembling the dual carbs. I've been asked about a source more than a few times, I'm sure there's a market. I figure one of you guys making FCR adapters might be interested in supporting your habit by branching out. If any enterprising individual decides to produce them you can just send my royalties here. Part #s 16026-KF0-004 16042-KK0-771 Some carbs need both while others only use the KFO coded piece. Be nice to just buy the original injection molds and shoot a bunch up but no telling if that is possible.

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Great idea! I was fixing this 84 interceptor. A v4 with 4 carbs. The 30 year old plastic tubes cracked. I looked to replace em but it was discontinued. I then searched other Honda models with carbs to find a similar sized tube. I found them in aluminum! I could dig up the part #s but this wasn't for an Xr.

Now I do have the freedom to go into the back at Honda and search personally since I used to work there. This would be a hard search otherwise.

But if this can't be done 3D then I'm willing to bet there's an aluminum replacement that fits perfectly.

I'd need the original peice in my hands to physically compare. There's nothing on the computer saying this will fit this. You gotta just try.

I'm posted. This is how XRs stay in the loop!

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