FC250 Motor issues

is anybody else having motor/transmission issues on their 2016 Husky's?  A buddy of mine (much younger, just got his pro license) spent the winter in TX with his new Husky's.  His new 250 engine grenaded at the fifteen hour mark.  Another guy that was there training/riding had his grenade at around twenty hours.  I mean completely grenade to the point that Husky paid for/sent them all new engine internals.  Now the same engine has major issues again with the transmission less than fifteen hours later.  He noticed it started hitting false neutrals while on the track.  Then Wed morning he started it up on the stand, let it warm up a bit.  Pulled it off the stand and was standing beside it, on the throttle side and blipped the throttle a couple times.  Believe this or not, the second time he blipped the throttle the bike jumped in gear and was gone nearly running through the side of his pickup.  He had no hand on the bike aside from the throttle.  And was standing on the opposite side as the shifter.  That's some scary stuff right there.  He is pulling the motor out and sending it to the mechanic in TX. (former race team mechanic).  The mechanic told him when they rebuilt the motor with the parts Husky gave them that it was rather surprising to find aluminum parts in the transmission that normally had steel.  What these specific parts were I have no idea.  But this guy worked for one of the big four Jap companies as a mechanic for a top rider for years.  So my question is who else is having problems or has heard of these issues.  This young man had kept his two Yamaha's from last year and went back to riding them until he can get this issue resolved.  But he's scared as hell to ride the Husky's now because he's afraid it's going to grenade of the face of a huge triple or something. 

So he finally got his bike back this week.  some parts grenaded in the tranny.  So he warms the bike up and goes out and putts around a lap to check things out and it starts making a strange noise.  So he drives back to his shop and checks the oil and coolant again to be safe.  All was good.  Starts it on the stand and it starts knocking big time.  so it's back to the dealer once again.  Man these two 250's he has have been a total pile of crap.  So it's back to the YZF's again.  I cannot believe there is nobody else having issues.  Or maybe they're not talking.

I ride mx track only with my FC250 2016, no probleme, have 11h now.

We've sold about 50 FC250's and haven't had a single issue with one of them.  In fact, since the bikes "turned white and blue" we've had three warranty claims total (one weepy master cylinder and two voltage regulators).

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