2012 not trying to start after rebuild

Been sitting since last summer, lastnight I finally got everything in with all the fluids. A small clip fell into a brand new top end last time that lasted about 3 hours, oops. But now I have a new cam chain, piston, rings, cylinder, and I already had the stainless valve train from Dave@mxtime but I had him replace 2 valves and all 4 valve seats. The bike ran great last time, when I was out riding all of the sudden overheated in a mud hole, a loud shutter and then nothing. The bottom end is fine, I did have to take the stator out for a week or so while I got my side cover welded. I also couldn't get spark. Tried 2 brand new ngk cr8e plugs. I put a long screwdriver through the foot peg to the coil. Couldn't find anywhere else ANYTHING please

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