'89 yz80 kick starting issue

The kick starter has lost some resistance through the starting motion, best way to describe is a loose feeling past the halfway point.It won't kick start but can bump start. The motor has compression when it kicked over in the middle of the motion.

The bike had a top end by the previous owner in January. My shotgun mechanic mind thought new top end or rings. Once I broke it down every thing up top was in perfect shape along with rod and crank.I put new rings in since I had it apart.

The bike ran great and had proper maintenance in my ownership.

I'm thinking one of the kick starter springs is bad causing the lack of resistance,?



run a compression tester on it.


the spring is not there to add resistance to the kick starter, its job is to bring the lever back up.

Update, I went over all my work and retorqued the top end a d reset all the factory carb settings put another new plug in and it fired first kick?

The kick starter stills feels soft, but I can't complain that it fires on first kick.

I will take it for a spin today to see how it runs?

It ran great popped a wheelie out of second. I will run a compression test.

If it is within spec I will chalk it up as one of those 2 stroke anamolies.

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