Researching plastic ideas.

I currently have a 2001 YZ250. I wanted to freshen it up a bit. I think that everything looks great besides the Front Fender/Number Plate. I have read some other articles and seen some post about mounting newer plastics models.

I wanted to know if anything has changed recently as far as front fenders/number plate go. I also want to know in your opinion what is the best year to get a fender/number plate from. I was thinking of mounting the 2015 YZ250X or YZ450F fronts on my mine. However I'm not sure what modifications I would need to do to get them to mount on. I hope the holes aren't totally different? Pictures too?

You will need to drill holes for fender, and zip-tie plate if you change to the newer models. Otherwise you good up to 2005 I believe for front fender number plate.

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