Which one? 2009 KTM 250 XC-W vs 2013 Husky TXC250R

I didn't get any feedback on the Which Bike to Buy? Forum so I thought I would try here.


Okay guys...which one??  RIding a few trail races at the Over 45 Amateur level this year.  Not worried about winning every one but would like to compete.  My son has gotten into riding a KX 65 and is loving it.  I am not new to riding bikes and have owned several.  The 2009 KTM is 3K from an individual and has not been ridden much in the last few years and the 2013 Husky is 4K out the door at a dealership with very few hours on it.  The 2009 shows its age a little but is still very clean with lots of upgrades and the Husky is showroom clean.  I know, I know--one is a 2stoke and one isn't, but just wondered if you have the money, which one would you get.  Is the Husky worth a 1K more?  A buddy said that it makes you think why the Husky has already been traded in with so few hours on it??  Good question.


To complicate things a little more, I actually already bought the KTM, but would not be opposed to selling it and buying the Husky.  I am having a little buyers remorse! lol



More dealer support and ease of locating parts goes to the KTM.

Skip the Husky.  Why take the chance with parts availability.  Those are the years when BMW bought Husqvarna and changed around production, then sold to KTM and KTM quickly dropped all the Husqvarna(BMW) motors, chassis, everything dropped.  So not sure how long you can gets parts for them.  And resale will be terrible in a few years.  Some parts will be easy, chain/sprockets, brake pads, suspension parts, but motor parts?  Not sure.

Thanks guys! That's the overall consensus from what I'm hearing. I feel a whole lot better now I about my decision.

You did the right thing. I had the exact same bike as you (09' XC-W) and loved it! A non-moto related injury necessitated it's sale but I would love to have it back.

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