North Carolina riders in Cali


So I have a group of friends and we are all from NC. We have decided to take a big trip across the country to California, San Bernadino more specifically. We aren't familiar with what kind of tires we need, where good places to ride tracks and dunes are. We could use suggestions.

Are you stopping along the way?  Or straight shot to CA and only ride in CA?  Are you looking for open desert kind of stuff?


I  would go thru Colorado and Utah and get some riding in there too!

Tubliss will help, look up The tire threads by Krannie as well, that should be helpful and enjoy the fences down there! I agree with the statement above

Probably a straight shot, looking to ride Glen Helen and a few of the tracks around the area. Then we plan on hitting the dunes.

Dumont dunes were fun and not that far from state line Nevada which can be a shitload of fun

Okay we'll check some of those out! What about oil, we've heard that elevation causes you to need to change your oil type or ratio? Most of us ride 4 strokes so would we need to do anything different oil wise?

Don't even worry about the oil, I run a tad fatter on a 2t, just be sure sand cannot get in the motor

Will do, looking forward to California! We're super excited for Glen Helen as well.

When you get here try not to call it Cali...  you'll sound less like a tourist.   ;)


Have a great time.  :thumbsup:

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