Another foolish question about daves mod need your help guys!

Need your help guys, I did the daves mod on my xr650l and since the bike is running hot and the plug is white (middle-full throttle).  I am at sea level and used 55/158 then went to 160 and nothing changed. I shim the needle correctly and playing with the air/screw din't change nothing too. The only thing I found strange is that the needle isn't straight, she seems to go a little bit to the side where I drilled the holes, maybe the heat of the drilling deform the base of the vacuum piston and now she ain't sitting right ? Or its normal?  What you think? Thanks

20160422_111354 (1).jpg

Likely, the needle and/or keeper simply isn't seated correctly. This would allow the needle to 'ride high' making the main jet seem bigger.

Ok thanks, I put the snorkle back in place and even that changed nothing the plug is still white. I really have no idea what it could be :S The bike is running ok but hot and lean... Dosn't seems to have any air leaks in the intake, and there is no restriction to the fuel as I know.

The bike start without choke and if I pull it just a little the bike shut off right away, can the choke have something to do with my problem ?

I also replaced my cdi for an aftermarket 


Choke would make it run rich.


Check the fuel level in the bowl- drain carb, then clear tubing in place of the drain tube, lift the tube up next to the carb and open the drain screw and turn on the fuel. Level in the clear hose equals the level in the bowl.

This is what I get with the bike standing up right 


I heard that the cold weather can lean it, right now I am riding it in 55-65*F 


Thank you for helping me ;)


That level seems about right.

Cold weather shouldn't lean it a heluva lot.


Plugs on modern gas can be hard to read, does it rev up but seem weak in the top end?


Do they use a heckuva lotta ethanol where you are? A real 10% ethanol will make tuning difficult, and you will have to jet it richer than normal.

I switched for a better quality fuel and wow day and night now I am too rich lol                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I am going to use this bike for travelling and will use many different type of gas,  :s   maybe I should stay with the stock jet ? or try to get something good with my E10 fuel here and simply go with that ?    


I'd jet for the fuel you can always get, but it will never run quite as well on E10 as straight gas.


You could jet for the good stuff then have a cover you could pull over 80% of the airbox opening!

Allright! thanks a lot for the help  ;)

Still having problem reaching the right color on my plug, I have 55/160 and good fuel. What does it mean if I can turn the mixture screw all in and all out and the bike still running ? 

If it doesn't affect the idle at all, there's something not right.


I wouldn't chase plug color with ethanol in the gas- I'd tune via idling and sudden throttle-on/throttle-chop manners, and maybe via temps with an oil temp gauge.

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