looking for stock exhaust, preferably in Canada

I mentioned this in another topic but hoping it gets more attention in it's own post.


Shout out to anyone in Canada that has a complete stock CRF250X exhaust system for sale or wanting trade for mine.

(must included the spark arrestor / end baffle)


I bought a used 250X that came equipped with a Jardine R5 with a larger diameter headpipe and silencer (I'll include some fresh packing if trading).


My local ATV club has accepted off-road and dual sport bikes in their trail network this summer,

not the most challenging terrain but very practical since close to my home.

Dirtbikes have had a bad rep in this region forever, so keeping my exhaust note as quiet as possible will help our image for future seasons.


Considering shipping fees, custom charges and exchange rate,

I'd prefer not to ship & trade across the CAN-USA border for the moment.


PM me and we'll share pics / infos.

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In case you haven't already considered it, I would recommend an add on kijiji as it will likely get to more 250X owners in your area.



Thanks for the suggestion, I'll post one up.


actually I've reached a few CRF250X ads for sale on Kijiji that mention having aftermarket pipes

hoping the owners still had the OEM setup, unfortunalely all had gotten rid of them...


There's a bike shop with a like-new used muffler for sale somewhat localy (100$)


if anyone has the OEM headpipe only for sale I could be interested 

and could always try to talk them down a bit for the muffler.

It looks like I might have located an X muffler,



anyone have a stock X header,


even a 2004-2005 250R (single pipe) header will do.

I'm in Nova Scotia and I have a complete stock exhaust off my 2006. It's got the end baffle drilled to the Honda ccc mods spec (7/16?) but it's still pretty quiet. I'd be interested in trading. I have a dr. D on it right now.

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I've found a practicaly new 250X muffler locally (80$) so just missing the stock OEM header pipe,


currently awaiting some local leads but if they don't work out would you sell yours separately?


Pending it's in decent condition (no dents or rusted thru)

I'd trade you my aftermarket Jardine R5 headpipe/silencer combo in exchange for your OEM headpipe and joint clamp.


PM me your postal code, I'll check the shipping rates.

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