Cheap solution to lean Mikuni carb drz400s

Greetings, just got an '04 DRZ400S from a friend that's a nice bike but extremely cold blooded..took forever to warm up so it would accelerate without stalling without keeping the choke on. My solution was to replace the stock mikuni #22.5 pilot jet with a #25, and shim the black plastic slide needle up with an 0.020" washer. Now it only needs to warm-up for about 1/2 minute with the choke and will accelerate without bogging or stalling with the choke off. 

My only problem is that I broke 2 of the 4 tangs that hold the spring loaded cap onto the needle. (me slightly heavy handed :facepalm: ) It's working at the moment, but I'm sure will break sometime. Does anybody have a black plastic slide for a Mikuni carb they could part with? Thanks, Matt

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