2011 Evo 250 Parts

Took my beloved 2011 Beta EVO 250  apart last night and found out what that grinding noise was. Looks like I need a new crank, bearings, and top end as well as all the gaskets kits that go along with the re-build.


I live in BC in Canada and I am having a heck of a time finding parts. I am wondering if anyone on the forum might be able to recommend a place in in Canada or the US where I can source these parts. Everything I have found is out of Italy and worth as much as the bike. With the dollar the way it is right now I would really like to source them out of Canada.

These are the team that has their hands into Trials an awful a lot. Nothing but trials....

They are on the Beta dealer directory



Lewisport USA

90 Rock Creek Road, Unit 1
CopperopolisCA 95228
United States
1.48 miles
Products carried: Trials

Mountain motorcycle in Vancouver , likely has the largest stock in North America for beta trials

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