1989 KX250

I have been riding a 80 yamaha my whole life (just messing around in the woods) , but this will be my first full sized one, is this a good durable bike with good power? Is this to old for a starter bike? How hard is it to learn to use a clutch?

You are riding a Yamaha PW80 that has an automatic clutch?   If you do not know how to operate a clutch you do not want a 2 stroke 250.  You're 14 years old right?  How tall and heavy are you?


Besides a 250 2-stroke not being a good bike to learn to ride on for someone who doesn't know how to use a clutch, it's relatively high maintenance and being 27 years old will probably be hard to get parts for.


If you are trail riding (not track riding) and I'm guessing you are between 5'3" and 5'8" tall and between 125 and 180 pound I'd highly suggest learning on something like a Honda CRF150F or CRF230F.   If you are riding on a MX track then something like a YZ85, CRF150RB or YZ125 depending on your size.

If you want to keep riding in the woods, get a TTR or CRF 230 or a KDX if you want a smoker. If you are trying to get into MX, look into a two stroke125 or something else smaller.

Getting on a 250 mx bike,having never used a clutch ,is going to be a learning curve that may take the love of motorcycling right out of you.

I am 5 10 and 160. A different bike I was looking at was a 2003 TTR 125, would that be a good bike? How much of a difference is there between a 230 and 250?

The difference between a four stroke 230 and a two stroke 250 is huge. The 230 is tuned for broad, usable power and traction. A 250 two stroke motocross bike is a bit much, even for many experienced adults.

Unfortunately I've never ridden a TTR 125, so I can't tell you much about it.

ttr 125's are good durable trail bikes, if all your doing is messing around in the woods it should be a great bike. (My friend rides one)

I'd totally go for a TTR230. It was my first dirt bike I got when I was 12 and within a day I learned how to shift proficiently. It's a good bike to grow into and has -some- potential for upgrade when you get better. Suspension is softer than your usual mx bike and it has an aircooled engine so it's less to worry about maintenance-wise. If two strokers are your thing, get a 125 as a 250 is comparable power-wise to a four stroke 450.

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