lexx vs ProMotoBillet spark arresor caps

anyone have experience with either setup?

they both have the option of a quiet insert.

pmb rates theirs at 94 or 96db depending on insert

and lexx just says 32mm quiet or 40mm race but I assume they are close..

pmb is 120s + 40s for the insert so 160ish

lexx is about 84.50 with the quiet and loud end.

loud is bad in the trails so I want to stay quiet

just to clarify I am talking about the end caps for the stock can.

need to get a spark arrestor to ride the trails around here legally and the sheriff goes out there all the time to check that everyone is in compliance.. that and those stupid WA discover passes

are you still using a stock pipe?

yep, came with the bike. haven't been out to ride it yet haven't finished rebuilding the engine. dealer forgot to order part of my order

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are you still using a stock pipe?

must be weird in the day of "I want power I need a pipe"

not planning on going aftermarket unless/until I trash the stock one

Well a pipe and silence combo won't gain power unless you tune. What I was getting at is the lexx mxe silencer is a very good system. I bought one and put it on my 07 and love it. I tried it with the quiet core in and it was very quiet. For the price you would be spending on the cap I would recommend buying the whole silencer due to the price. I will only buy lexx products from now on due to price performance and durability

about double the cost but it doesnt look like a bad slip on.

I'm not looking for more power at all, mostly just the spark arrestor and noise reduction I'm sure i could easily put myself 10 feet up a fir tree with the stock power in the woods. as long as I don't choke it up a whole lot im fine.

I'm more the add a flywheel weight guy vs the add a full titanium exhaust system guy..

notice any difference in the placement of power with the slip on with the quiet insert? smaller outlet cuts back flow is it a little flat up top?

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If your carberated you can adjust where you want the power.

i get that but pipes also help change flow characteristics and shift the power higher or lower in the rpm range

ya so if you dont like where your power is tune your bike and change sprockets to adjust where you want your power, the difference on a 450 with a spark arrestor isnt noticeable if its tuned and setup right

Also if the pipe has different bends that's the only thing that will change the flow. The bomb is just a resonator.

not trying to get into exhaust theory just seeing if you noticed a loss in the top end or a slight bottom end gain with the quiet insert, smaller diameter opening restricting flow. which sounds like a no

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