YFZ450 need help identifying year without vin


(long story short) So I posted my banshee for sale or trade on CL and this guy has what he says is an 07 yfz450. So I asked about the vin to verify the year and he couldn't find it and finally sent pic of a ground off vin. Obviously he was pretty stupid on the importance of it. What I want to know is how can I look at this bike to tell what year it is? I will post pics to help and if it is stolen maybe someone can see. I have nothing to hide.




just search craigslist for stolen yfz450 what ever year was stolen is probably the same as this guys with the removed vin.   other wise what color is it ? i thin yellow and black was limited edition anniversary colors 2006 2016  also had a badge on the hood.  stole this off another site.

What years are you looking into? 04-05 the motors were 439cc

In 06 they went to 449cc
Changed the swing arm

In 07 they did a factory oil mod in the motor to oil the wrist pin
Upgraded the shocks

In 09 the came out with the fuel injected YfzR 
Motor, frame where way different. The R is a factory mx bike. So yamaha said.

10 came out the YfzX kinda like the older yfz but with the fuel injected motor
The X is for woods and trail riding. Nearrower wheel base then the R

Thats just a breif over view

Thanks for this info ^^^^

Man, a ground off vin is a big no no. There should also be a vin on the engine. Though it might not match the frame if the motor is different. But better than nothing. When you find a vin, run it here. If you can't find a vin then you should walk away. 

Never buy a quad/bike/ anything with a ground off VIN , 100% it is stolen and any warden, cop, blm ranger, ect... that sees it will seize it and likely take you in. There is no other reason for doing it . It's beyond stupid to agree to swapping for it , i'd probably even call it in , if my quad was stolen , i'd want someone else to do the same.


BTW I do know how to recover that VIN # even after it was ground off , there are ways the police can do it ,but not something to say over the internet.

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Yea I did not buy it. I told the guy how serious it was and he acted completely stupid. Thanks guys for the help and especially the vin decode link!

I  just wanted to follow up on the link that supposedly shows if the bike/vehicle is stolen. IT DOES NOT WORK.  I put in a vin that I know is in the police records as stolen. How do I know this? I have the papers right in front of me from the sheriffs office with this vin on it. I double checked and tried several times to see if anything changed and it still says it's not in the system...... I once was told a few years ago by a cop that the only way to run a vin was to call the PD and THEY would have to run it, NOT citizens.

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