Kawasaki 2 stoke racing oil any good?

Hey guys, on Motorsport Kawasaki racing oil is like 7$ per 32 OZ, but yamalube and Honda racing oil is like 10-12$ per 32 oz. Is the Kawasaki oil any good for being run in a yz125? Thanks

It'll work just fine.  I ran that stuff in my KDX200 and KE100 for quite a while.  Would recommend it at 32:1 for a 125.

It was good back in the 70s. :crazy::thinking:   (That's the last time I used it. :smirk: )

Kawasaki sell oils but don't make them. Same with Yamaha and Honda. It's probably good stuff. Maybe in 2016 it is the same oil as Yanalube. I dunno. Search and find out, or try it for one piston and then check your top end wear after 40 hours.

Very excellent. :thumbsup:

I heard it makes you jump farther but not higher.

(You could do better, but its perfectly good oil.)

If you are referring Hondas hp2 oil I would go with that imo that's the best smoker oil money can buy and don't worry that it's "engineers for Honda cr's" I have run it in my Suzuki's for years

hondarider1031 is asking about Kawasaki oil in the Yamaha forum. LOL


Yes, it is fine.

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