Orlando FL, Can Someone Walk Me Through Getting a Title: KX250




I have been here for a while. I've ridden Seaworld, ridden some park in Ocala (not sure how as my bike isn't registered), and on some small private property. I want to do some real riding and it appears I need a title for my bike.


I have the following paperwork: Application for certificate of title with/without registration. 


It is a 2 page document.


#1 is this the correct document for getting a title?


#2 if so do I simply fill it out and take it to the DMV?


#3 Is there any sections I SHOULD NOT FILL OUT?


Anything else I should know?


Just looking for a little guidance through the process. I have a bill of sale from the PO, his full name, address, and DL #. Bike is clean and clear so I'm not worried about that. 

What do you need title for?  You do not need title for any where except on the street.  I have one bike tagged and one not.  Tagged is just for not having to pay in ocala and being able to ride anywhere in ocala national forest. Not just on specific dirtbike only trails.  But to be honest my buddy has no tag and we ride all over with out any problems. Evan past a few forest rangers. Crooms doesnt care either just pay them their money.

Main reasoning is that Ocala is a little over 2 hours from my place, that is a long ways away from home to get turned away for not being registered with the state, otherwise I really don't need it. I don't intend to sell my bike any time in the near future. 


Croom is probably 1.5 hours from my place.


Croom says the following: Any OHVs operating on public lands must be titled, as required under Ch. 317, F.S., through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. 


I've ridden at Ocala once, but a friend drove and we didn't park where everyone else off loads, and we stayed hidden, only because my bike isn't registered. I don't even remember where it was TBH.

did you apply and howd it turn out ?

id like to have one as well, makes buyers more comfortable

Croom only requires it for you to buy a yearly pass.. You don't need title/registration to buy a day pass

Croom does say that on there website, but i bought a pass last year. I just gave them the vin number, as long as it doesn't come back stolen you're good

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