Mobius brace thoughts

For anyone familiar with the Mobius X8 knee braces, if sized and fitted properly, how could a person get a ligament injury while wearing them? Not saying I have such. It's just, From what I understand in how the joint has to be manipulated to damage it, I don't see how the Mobius would allow that.


I have 3 rides with mine. That's all I'll say for now until I have more info.

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Update. MRI shows I have a complete tear of my right ACL.


I've been looking at how this could have happened. When I first got the Mobius braces, I went thru the literature and decided to swap out the stock hyperextension stops with one of the wider sets included. The stock stops allow the most extension and I installed the stops that allow the least, as preventing hyperextension was one of my main concerns. Taking a closer look at the actual interaction between the leg and the brace, I've concluded that, even tho the brace is properly fitted, the properties of a flesh and bone limb still allow movement of the limb within the brace, no matter how tightly fitted it is.


If our limbs were 4x4 planks with no give to them, the strap systems that all brace systems use to fit a brace to the leg would allow much less independent movement of the leg. But straps of one kind or another are really the only way to fit a brace to the leg. The give in a flesh and muscle over bone fitting of a brace allow much more independent movement.


I think, that with the widest hyperextension stops I installed, the brace itself can not mechanically extend past what the stop will allow, yet the independent movement of the leg and joint within the brace, as it continues to extend due to the give in flesh and muscle, created a fulcrum between the strap mounting points of the upper and lower leg and the center of the knee joint. Technically, the amount of total leg extension should not have been enough for injury. Probably never went past 0 degrees. I think -10 degrees is around normal. But with my limiting the Mobius extension to probably around 30 degrees, leverage was enough to pull the joint apart within that 30 degree arc.


I imagine this is a possibility with all brace systems. So, if you buy Mobius, don't just arbitrarily install the wider stops. I like the Mobius, they are comfortable and well built. Just have to be aware of how they work, the physics and mechanics of what's going on. I didn't, and it came back to bite me.

Mobius Spacers.jpg

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There is no brace that can guarantee the absence of injury.

There is no brace that can guarantee the absence of injury.


I understand that Dr.Mark. That's not only true of braces, it goes for any of the moto safety equipment we wear.


I want the point of this post to be that a braces performance is only as good as its fitting. When I swapped in the wider extension stops, I didn't go far enough in my assessment of the forces at work with the braces in that configuration for my particular leg.


I accept responsibility for my own injury. I just hope others that read this will be more vigilant in fitting their Mobius than they otherwise might have been.

I have a set of the X8 and I am 13 months post total knee replacement.

As the Physician has stated before thinner legs work better and I have such type of legs.

I found them to be the best at preventing a twisting sensation and actually have been riding well

but still limit rides to 50 miles.  I too started with the widest stop but know have went back to the smallest 

as I find my knee will hyperextend equal to my non intervened knee.


So far I have nothing but praise for the talents of a great surgeon. You hear way too many complaints Dr Mark

so I must say I had a great outcome and thanks for specializing in the Orthopedic field   :thumbsup:

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