Who is getting a 03 yzf450!

Who is thinkin about getting the new yzf 450.

I know I am.


New bike in Sep period.

No matter what it is!

I love my 99' but it will be 4yrs old in november!

<font color=blue><center><h3>That is like......???? 44 yr old in HUMAN years!!!!</h3></center>

<center> :):D:D:D:D:D:D:D </center>

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i am going to put my deposit on one tomorrow........

I will wait to hear about OFFICIAL specs before I say anything...the way I see it is....

IF it is a 450 (probably) and IF it loses 12-15lbs, I will get a 2003 YZF...if not...and if the CRF does not change much in regards to power...I will stick with my '00 Beast, after all, it is dialed in a race ready...

Regardless, because of my size and speed, (250lbs, 6'4" in gear, +30 Intermediate) I will have to modify the suspension on any stock bike almost as soon as it is broke in, at least stiffer springs...and I add, I LOVE to leap...so suspension setup is a priority for me...

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I'm with Thumpin Rock,

My '99 rocks but it's showin' a few grey hairs. I'm gettin' an '03 whatever size it is. AND I'm hoping for a 450.


:) I Somewhat agree with Thrapeture (I know Mis Spelled Sorry). But I am always amazed at the Guys who will buy anything first site unseen rumers and all. I have an 00 and it runs great is dialed in for me and has a little trikery doen to it. This Bike I will ride until the shoes fall off, I have no desire to buy the latest and greatest WHY? I go just as fast with this one as I will a 03. I raced a 89 CR390 Husky in the Open Class in the early 90's I beat the best of em and was just as fast. If you can use the extra 20 Lbs, 30 cc's or what ever, then go for it. But face this Nothing on the 03 is going to make you Jaramy Mc, or a Doug Henry. If you just want it becouse Ohohoh I got an 03 and you dont, ther are those like that out there believe it or not. Ask yourself this, Do I want the to be the first one to have one cuz I can or Do I have alot of money and just will not be happy until I buy something NEW syndrom

Passen On the Inside Ohoho its


When I bought my 01 426 in Sept. 01, it was the first MX bike I have owned since 1976. I am now 37 years old and have no grandiose illusions of winning the next supercross, arena cross, outdoor national or the local motocross C class. I WILL! have more fun than is legal in 46 states on my overweight, outdated, blue beast!!!

Untill I come even remotely close to reaching the capabilities of my 01, (which I will never do!) I will stick with it.

With that said, I did mention to my lovely wife a few hours ago that I would like to have a newer, lighter Honda 450f just before her backhand awakened me from a brief daydream. :)

Unless they make any quantum advances in suspension, power, handling, etc. I'll stick with my 01 for a year or so more. I'm not a pro rider, I have the bike dialed in almost perfect, and I don't see any huge advances being made in the items I mentioned earlier with the possible exception of the weight department. And to be honest with you guys when I hopped off my 250 and went to the 426 I didn't think the weight difference was THAT noticeable. I can still ride a 30 min moto and my lap times are better than they were on a 250.

I'll trade a little extra weight any day of the week to have a well built, well balanced package rather than having a 12-15 lb lighter bike that is not balanced, has chinsy hardware, a microscopic rear master cylinder that boils, an air filter assemble that sucks dirt, a chasis that pushes, suspenison that is not sprung for the average joe etc etc.

Plus, I don't know about anyone else but I try not to buy anything the first year it comes out. I'll reserve judgement until the thing hits some of our tracks but I can't believe it will be that much better than what we have right out of the shoot.

Ditto D_Cris and RichB

That Back Hand Hurts dont it.

You Both nailed it really, I really doubt that any of us (Maybe MotoMan) can run the 4Too6er of any year to its potential. I have been on bike Hiatis for close to 10 years I bought the 00 from a friend down the street who rode it twice hit a tree once and said it scared him. His first bick was a 650xr (FIGGURES) so the switch was night and day. Got the Bike for a song. I used to run the circuit as a Young lad ran with Mamola, Chandler and such. I did not make the ranks like they did (Too Errogant) NAAAA), reality I just did not have the raw talent these guys did nor did I have the Equipment handed to me, aka Latest and Greatest. So any way ther I go ranting and raving.

But Never buy first year unless you make money at it i.e. a Pro and need the Update.....

Me! Deposit already.

I have been wanting to buy a dedicated MX bike and undo some of the changes I have made to the WR (which I will keep). Hearing all the rumors about next years models (Yamaha and KTM) has convinced me to wait and see.

Me too, first on the list at my dealer of choice! :)

the "E" button would be nice!!!

Just curious...you guys who put deposits down, where are you getting your info on the 03's from? Or are you just buying an 03 regardless of what it is?



i got my info from "doctor Doug"

If Dr Doug said you need a proctologist would you Bend Over :)

Whole reason I went to the 4 Stroke was to get away from the new bike every year no matter what changes routine. I've grown to love this bike and refuse to ride a 2 stroke anymore - one of the beauties of this bike is its life span. If she's still tight ride it. When its finally clapped get a new one ... No more deposits for me. I have a long standing relationship w/ a dealer. If I need an 0? then dec/jan/feb ish I walk in and buy one. That way I have a few months before the season to set it up but I can just hammer the old one all winter ...

:) I just got back from my Yamaha dealership

I just put 20k down on the 2010 yz998f. It has Twin V2500 turbofan engine, built around solid transparent aluminum frame. 50k gallon gas tank, 7foot 6 inches of travel built by the guys who enveted Big Foot. There are no brakes just revers thrusters. The rumer has it that it even exceeds the EPA requiremnts for the year 2020. GAD I cant wait

I only thing I am interested in is a loss of 10-15lbs. I don't need any more hp and I love the handling and suspension. If I get a new Yamaha, it is because it has dropped some weight.

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