Who is getting a 03 yzf450!


check your pm....

hey 426guy, I want to know too.

me too LOL

all i can really say is....(cuz Doug could not give detals)

start saving your money.you will want one....

i found out last weekend that the puplic will know all the detals in late May or early June

DETAILS....PUBLIC..... sorry bout that

426Guy, what is Doug saying about the 03 YZF450????????????? Inquiring minds want to know :)

oops wrong post

[ March 27, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

When Doug Henry raced the first 400f all the mechanics messed around with the perfect Bore, it turned out that with that engine set up 426 CC's was the perfect number, if you just bore out the bike your not realy doing much, unles a 2003 450F (which I think isn't official yet) is 10 or 15 pounds lighter, I will keep my 2002.

The Only Way I will get a new 03if its a 450 If is it has a honda/ktm style powerband, dont get me wrong I love my 426 better than the CRF but i dont need any more power at all. I have ridden the CRF450 and I loved it but in my opinion It felt like I had to ride the bike a little harder into the corners than my 426. Both bikes Are great. I love the 426 and its paid for so I will keep it. ( Any of you heard the Rumors about the new KTM 450??? sounds like the test that Dirtbike did on the ktm 400 with a 450 bigbore kite sounded awesome.)

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