220 slower than XR250?

In a drag race, the XR and KDX are neck and neck. Looking for some opinions on my bike's performance. Thanks in advance!


So in a drag race on dirt road the xr pulls off the line first, then their right next to each other while I'm fumbling around trying to shift as fast as possible (1-4 on the kdx is super quick, it's usually faster to start in 2nd) but once the kdx hits 4th it pulls away. I love the low end lug of the kdx, on the beach I was in 6th at any speed, would only use lower gears to get moving from a dead stop. From 20mph it accelerates effortlessly in 6th with tractor like power, then once it gets on the pipe it takes off.


I don't have either bike now so I can't say for the gearing, but they both top out at approximately 68mph, at which speed the 220 is screaming like a bat outa hell way over-reved (so I believe I have lower than stock gearing), the xr at top speed can do maybe 62 in 5th then will lug 6th to gain a few more mph and hit the upper 60s , wound up tight as it'll go (so I think it's stock).


So my question: is the 220 doggin it? Should it be making more power, or is it just fine. For the record I love the way it runs, but if it's not running right I'd rather fix it for the longevity of the engine.


Last season the kips governor broke and destroyed the clutch, now I have a new basket and everything in there. But the powerband feels the exact same as the day I bought it and the day I rode back to the truck after kips broke and put a hole in the clutch cover. If anything it might have more low end power now that kips is fixed, but its very hard to tell a difference. Also, its a 1997, had one top end an unknown time ago (prob 10years ago). Runs perfect, first kick most of the time.

My 200 is dangerously close to a 250 on the top end.  Top speed is approximately 90 MPH.  I don't think an XR250 is even close.

purchase a new power band dude

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