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honda crf 150r clutch problems

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I have a honda crf 150r for minimoto


we modified the engine with


cylinder works 159cc big bore kit


fmf megabomb - powercore4


boyesen quickshot3


Suter slipper clutch



this winther we mounted the big bore kit and new Prox clutch plates including steel plates


but the clutch is slipping as f.ck


first we tried with the big diskspring 1700N... had no difference then we tried some different oil.... no difference


i talked with some friends of mine and they had no problems at all, and they are using the stroker crank to!



no parts worn out i think we tried everything but its still slipping


last year i had no problems at all


do you guys have a guess whats wrong


im waiting for Barnett clutch plates and a diskspring about 2400N


do you guys have experience with Barnett plates?




kind regards




sorry about my english im from Denmark



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Hey make sure you are using motorcycle oil, or dirt bike/Atv oil. Anything but car oil. The additives inside of the car oil not only destroy the clutch but obviously make it more slippery

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also try adjusting your clutch cable to make sure that there is at least one eighth of an inch of play on the tip of the clutch lever. If not then the clutch will be in semi engage position which is also bad for the clutch.

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