Snowmobile oil in dirtbike

My buddies and I were planning on riding tomorrow but the usual bottle of hp2 I use in my bike (01 rm 125) sold out and won't be in until Monday so I had 2 gallons of gas and a bunch of klotz synthetic tcw3 powervalve snowmobile injection oil I run in my sleds anyhow the bottle says injection or premix so I mixed up two gallons at the usual 32:1 and filled up my tank I rode around my yard a couple of times and the bike dosent seem to run any different so I am wondering if anyone has ever done this and if anyone has ever had any issue doing this as a quick substitute for your usual oil

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It will be fine.  I run Stihl Synthetic chain saw oil in my LT80.

yes, you will be fine I run redline's "air cooled snowmobile" oil in my IT490. But maybe that's accurate 



Shell Adance Snow Ultra 2T - swithced from Yamalube 3 - 4 months after I brought the bike home from the dealer 2 years ago.  86 hours, all good, but I ride trail, not track.  

I run air cooled leaf blower oil in my bikes but I don't ride them all that hard either. 

I'm not so sure, I think that there's a concentration difference between the two (pre-mix oil & injector oil).  10 years ago when I was Vintage racing a Can-Am 250 MX-1 it had an oil injection system but one time I used PJ1 Smokeless Pre-Mix oil and had a major problem with it loading up on the start, it would clear out after a few turns but you could tell that something wasn't right.  Never noticed it when practicing because I never sat and idled it for very long on a practice day.  Switched it over to PJ1 Injector oil and it made a definite difference.


My advice?, use it "only" if you have to and be sure to bring some spare plugs and a tow strap.



Done research on 2 stroke oil, the best oil is synthetic snowmobile oil it is rated higher than TCW3 oils. snowmobile motors are higher hp operate in more extreme conditions and work harder also new injected snowmobile engines operate with less oil to meet EPA .

Snowmobile oil better for exhaust power valves.

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