simple headlight mod

Hello all just thought I'd share; you can take an h1 bulb and bend the connection prong flat, and it works great! 55w bulb, it's at least 3x as bright as stock.


Headlight at idle. It cost $10 at my local speed shop.




Thanks..I will do that!

Just make sure the prong touches the center of the bulb socket.

Doesn't get too hot where it starts melting things?

It's only 55w. No signs of anything getting too hot yet.

Slick mod!!  :thumbsup:

I have a switch on my headlight and I don't think I have ever used it, but that is pretty cool if it works like you say.  The stock one is no lighter than a birthday candle.

We have been using that mod on our Xrs. Over 12 years works great,we do use off/on switch. Due to the fact we cover our headlights, so they wont break. From bike in front throwing rocks. When we need light remove cover.

I did a similar mod with a EIKO A3603 bulb. its a 25/25 watt , I just soldered a small washer inside the headlight socket assembly to where my the new bulb with dual filaments or prongs sits on the washer, and the washer is soldered to socket prong. So im always basically running it on high beam 50watt. The new bulbs are cheap, but i do go through about 2- 3 a year.  Wish I could post a pict. But its simple since the bulb has the same base as the factory one.

We where going through the stock Xr4 bulb,every few years. Not blown the fog light bulb ever.

Witch fog light bulb is that BTR, Do you have the number or make.


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