need help with yamaha wheel.

i have a 2000 yz 250, i bought it used about a year ago. i love the bike and I'm currently trying to do a a half rebuild and upgraded parts and i bought a sprocket the other day that didn't fit. the sprocket i got was for a 2000 yz 250 but was to big to bolt to my hub and even brought in my old one to compare with the parts guy to see if it was a "mispackage". it wasn't, i do not know if my wheel is older or newer. it is in really good shape whatever it is though. the only indication on the hub that may be helpful in the serial number 2VN00. i want to try and avoid buying new hubs or wheels since here in Canada they cost an arm and a leg but i need a rear sprocket for the bike, so any help on what to do or what to look for would be greatly appreciated. thanks

The hub is the same pet number for the 2 strokes since '99 basically so I'm guessing it's older. (93-98) are the years for that. Might even be a different brand. Post a picture.

The number cast onto your rear wheel (2VN- prefix) is from the 1988 and 1989 YZs.


But this is not to say your hub is from 1988, because that hub (with a new part number, as YZJ said, but the same casting number), will fit up to 1998. I know this because we ran a 1988 rear hub on our 1996 YZ, and the 3R4- sprockets fit 1988 through 1998.


In 1999 Yamaha went to a larger diameter rear axle, and that changed the hubs significantly, including the rear sprocket.


I would double-check to verify your bike is indeed a 2000. The 1996 through 2001 YZs all looked very similar except for differences in color.


Like YZJ mentioned, a picture of your bike would help.

Or even the vin. If you can't post a pic.

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