RM125 Carb Leaking... NOT From Float Bowl

When I purchased my 2001 RM125, the fuel would leak from the float bowl overflow. I adjusted the floats, replaced the float valve and the brass valve seat. Put everything back together and went for a short ride. Bike hardly idles but that was expected, starts very easily.

Now, as I was riding back home (very calmly, no wheelies) the bike suddenly died. I tried kicking it and bike wouldn't start... that's when I noticed fuel flowing out of the carb and all over my motor. Not from the bowl overflow, but from a hose between the idle adjuster and choke. There's two ports on top of each other, one pointing up and one pointing out the side of the carb, the side one was the spout (hose #34 next to the #28 is aligned with it).


What causes that to overflow? I don't think the floats are sticking or there would be fuel flowing from the bowl hose.

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Bump... still have no idea what troubleshooting to perform with fuel leaking from this overflow near the idle air screw

Apparently the fuel was flowing out of a float bowl vent which didn't have a line on it. It's been a while since a physics course but should not having a hose on the vent cause fuel to come out of it?

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