Brand new 2005 RM250 Value

What you guys think the value would be on a brand new never ridden 2005 RM250?  Just looking for ideas.  Thanks.

Brand new never used? The most I would say is $4,000

Being "brand new" only puts it's value at the top of what a bike for that year would be worth.  Also, in '05 it had a retail of 6k, and it's still too new to have a collector value placed on it, plus while '05 was a good year it wasn't a special year for RM250's. 


In my area (west Michigan) KBB and NADA place an excellent condition '05 RM250 at $2,000 to $2,500 ~ so that or "maybe" a little more if you find the right buyer.

Where is it?!!

I would do $3-4000 depending on how much you really like the bike. I ran across a brand new 94 never ridden back in 97. It was a display in a Quaker steak and lube restaurant. They were remodeling and the bike display was coming down. I passed on it and bought a new 97 wr250 instead. Still have that bike. There are new bike out there that are up to 10 years old, you just have to luck out finding them. If you are planning on keeping the bike forever, the price wouldn't be as much of a deciding factor. Compared to the cost of new bikes today, it is still relatively cheap.

Thanks for the responses. I bought the bike over a month ago and can't decide what to do with it. I already have an 06 that is a super clean bike, but I couldn't resist buying the new 05 when I stumbled on to it. I had planned on running it, but the fact that it is new holds me back for some reason. I'll figure it out eventually I hope.

Well, spill the beans man!, how much did you pay for it??


You could look back and see what an old but nearly new vintage RM brings (say a 1985) and then calculate it forward.  Maybe try contacting Terry Good in Chicago or the White Museum in Cali,  That's if you can stand to let it sit for a decade or so.


Here is a pic.....The bike had a few blemishes from being in storage for so long.  The rear fender was slightly bent downward due to having a box sitting on it for years and there are a few minor scrapes/nicks here and there.  I changed the anti-freeze and brake fluid, then put fresh gas in it and fired it up.  I drove it up and down my paved driveway a few times and that is all I have done to it. 

05 RM250.jpg

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Geez that is awesome.....any more up there?

This is awesome

You shouldnt have run it up and down the driveway. To a discerning buyer, it is no longer brand new/never ridden. Its just a clean used bike.

You shouldnt have run it up and down the driveway. To a discerning buyer, it is no longer brand new/never ridden. Its just a clean used bike.

Nah, I figure it's mine and if do sell it, that won't change a thing, just like a dealer riding a new machine in their parking lot. I had to make sure it had no issues from sitting and that discerning buyer can go somewhere else and try to find a RM with less use.

2005 is a great year for the rm250. I love my 05. 05 and 06 are the golden years. 06 had more bottom, Reed spacer, but 05 had more top stock. 06 is supposed to turn alitle sharper but the 05 is no slouch. Have you noticed a difference in power or handling? I'd keep the bike as finding another in that condition isn't likely. Congrats on the bike. One of The best things I did for my 2005 was send the suspension off to factory connection.

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