1993 yamaha xt600e. What to look for if purchasing?

Hello, I found a 1993 yamaha xt600e on craigslist and I might go take a look at it. I was wondering what I should look for when looking at the bike? How can i determine the age of the tires. How is the cam driven? Does it have a timing chain? Any common problems? From what I read they seem to be a pretty solid bike. How much does a new battery cost? I know this is a hard question to answer but because it's an older bike and assuming it needs stuff like tires and other items how much would a bike that sat cost to get to a reliable state? The asking price is $1500. The bike was ridden up until about a year ago when the owner got another bike and this one sat. He says it starts and runs but is a little rough from sitting. Anything I should look for when looking over a motorcycle in general? I appreciate the input guys. 

hi i dont know answers to your questions but i have just bought a 1993 xt600e here in england and i love it. high mileage and bit tatty but starts and drives lovely

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