Crankshaft cover cap

I started to check the valve adjustment on my 92 XR600R and King Kong must have put both of the cap on.  


I got the one for timing marks off but had to use a cheater bar but when I went to do the large one for the crank my Allen wrench would not fit and I got down and looked at it and it is stripped out in both directions.


to remove it can I pull the whole cover off and drill it and maybe use a easy out on it?



My Allen hole is stripped too, I just hammered a notch with a chisel now I just hammer tap that notch to the left and it comes off with my fingers the rest of the way. Make a notch for lefty loosy and a seperate notch for a right tighty tap tap. It doesn't need to be super tight.

Although man do I prefer my 88 which crank bolt Allen cover is crisp and still works. SO much better. I need to break down and just buy a new one. But the hammer tap tap lefty loosy works fine

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1461378482.081417.jpg

Thanks notorious I can do the notch thing, but I will spend the $8 for a new one to put it back together :thumbsup:


I suspect the valves are out of adjustment and this may be why,  I hope one day to be able to kick this thing through with out the rear tire trying to jumping  :jawdrop:

Yep that is about they way mine looks but yours is pretty red 

to remove it can I pull the whole cover off and drill it and maybe use a easy out on it?



Most likely yes but there's a chance it still won't give it up unless you have a large diameter easy out that will get beyond just the center of the allen recess into the walls. I'm concerned even a large easy out might just "screw" into the soft plug and expand it tighter into the cover. I think I would drill it out and put a tight fitting nut in the recess then tighten an appropriate grade 8 bolt/washer into the nut from the inside till it gives up. A little heat on the cover should help. Just my personal method of "go big or don't go at all". I like to use the most effective method first rather than the maybes that just aggravate the problem and escalate to more aggressive measures later. Just knock it out easy the first time. Then again it might nearly fall out for ya'.

Thanks valvesrule, I will see what happens this afternoon  :thumbsup:

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