Two stroke rebuilders in Orlando area


I am looking to have my two stroke 2009 Husqvarna WR300 rebuilt (top end, and maybe a bottom end if needed). I am having a hard time finding a reputable builder in the Orlando area. The bike is VERY clean, looks new, and it starts, runs, and drives great. I am just trying to get a rebuild done for preventative maintenance since I bought the bike used. I do not know the hours on the engine or if it has ever been rebuilt by the previous owner. I have a new baby boy so do not have time to do it myself. I want someone who will do it right. I LOVE my Husky! Please let me know if you know of a quality builder Orlando. Thanks. -Todd

Well if you don't mind the trip over to Melbourne I can highly recommend Sam of Triple X. He has been rebuilding every bike I've had to date ('03, '07, '12 CRF450R and '11 KTM350) and I've "never" had an issue.


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Would also like to see what is around. Cycle Parts in Kissimmee is good people. Never had them do a top end, but they are the only shop I have seen in town with a two-stroke torn down to the bottom end. 

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