Rejetted KLX140.....wont start


I recently re jetted my wifes klx140. Immediately following i started her up and went for a quick ride. All seemed good. The bike has been sitting 2 weeks. We just got to our farm and it wont kick over. She is devastated and im in the dog house haha. Any thoughts? Fuel is running fine. Spark plug is very black but throwing of plenty of spark. I feel as though the solution should be easy. We are here 3 days and i wanna get this sorted.

Kind regards

Hit the main and pilot with carb cleaner again. A small piece of dirt may have gotten in there last time you had it apart.

Ok sweet thanks for the tip. Is there a chance that opening up the air box too much can affect starting??

Yes, it can. Have you done that since it last ran?

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