WR250x bogging out at higher RPM

Hi all,


I just bought a 2009 WRX and I am super happy with the bike except that it boggs out when I WOT


pretty much in any gear as far as I can tell.


Anybody with some hints tips or tricks I should look at before I spend any money at the dealer?


Thanks so much


I'll attach a recent pic of my bike :)



Dirty air filter?

Too much oil in the air filter?

Aftermarket EFI fuel programmer not programmed optimally?

I will check the air filter and I am currently checking different programming settings with no success but I will keep trying... I put all the modes to .5 to make the programmer invisible and it still bogs

Is there always a way to fix bogging out? Or are there some situations which are not fixable?

EFI controllers need to be mapped to the characteristics of the particular motorcycle across it's RPM range.  Most riders with programmers aren't willing to invest in putting their bike on a dyno to determine the ideal map and instead rely on maps that others with similar modifications claim work for them.  Any error in the original map is amplified when copied to another bike that likely isn't identically modified.  Variations in intake, exhaust, gearing, tires, fuel, elevation, ambient temperature, and ambient humidity all affect an ideal fuel map.  (The stock controller is mapped to operate with stock components operating within stock specifications.)


"Trying stuff" appears to be the second most popular programming method, right behind "copying stuff" from other riders.


Personally I run stock intake, exhaust, and fuel mapping, so I won't be much help in making suggestions for programming changes.  But there's tons of information and discussion on the topic over on the WRR/X Forum and on the WR250X & WR250R Facebook Group.

Makes sense. How much should I expect to fairly pay for a dyno?

1. The WR250 engine has a very flat torque curve, and does not feel as peppy as most street bikes.  Yours may just be normal, and you are expecting something else.


2. If you can hit the rev limiter in third gear at about 65-70 MPH indicated on the factory speedometer, you should be close to normal. (Assumes stock gearing of 13 T front and 42T rear sprocket.) With a good launch, you should get to the rev limiter in third  in 10-11 seconds.


3. If stock muffler, pull the spark arrestor out of the muffler and re-test. It will be loud!


4. You could have a sticking exup valve that is restricting the exhaust.  Basic video here:https://youtu.be/tqyVrzdZrkE

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I will definitely look into all those fine suggestions.

I actually have FMF Q4 and MegaBomb header on with FMF power programmer

The airflap mod was done too

And the AIS mod was done

I bought it like that.

I actually have 12T front and 42T rear

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