KLX 140 needs more power. How?

Just bought a very new KLX 140 2011 with about 2 hours use only. Got it for the wife and daughter. We just took it for a ride today but it could do with a bit more grunt. I am thinking a performance pipe and jetting. Does anyone have any suggestions and what size jets to get. I haven't taken the spark arrester off yet, but that's next. BTW do 2009 plastics fit the 2011 model?


I own two of these.  Full length pipe/muffler, jets and air box mods.  My jets are like 42 and 100 or 105.  Can't remember off the top of my head.  Search on here as there are people that have done lots of cool stuff to them. 



Thanks I'll check it out.

We had Engines Only XR100.com build out our KLX140 to a 160. Bike is a blast.

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