Bought a used KTM XCF-W/ need to clean carb and change plug

Hi everyone. I recently bought a 2008 XCF-W

I'm not extremely mechanically inclined lol

After 2 races I think I need to clean the carb and change spark plug

I need to lift up the subframe to get to the carb it seems.

Anyone know the sizes of these star bolts?

And does anyone know where I can get a socket at a normal store for the spark plug? Thanks in advance for you time.

You need to both lift the subframe and remove the muffler. I learned this the hard way


The bit you need is a Torx T45


I was never able to find the proper 16mm thin wall deep socket for the spark plug locally. RevZilla and Snap-on sell them on the web

A normal wall thickness deep well socket will not work

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