Which brand?

Just wondering what yall think is better Kawasaki, yamaha, Honda, suzuki, Ktm, etc

And why?

Who cares? They all have their place. Ride what you like and enjoy it.

Of the jap bikes, I would choose honda or yamaha depending on the model. I have only owned hondas and have always been impressed by their build quality and they have the best prices on oem parts.  I'll probably get a yamaha next to switch things up.

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Well, KTMs have ruined off road, so I guess something else. ;)

Well, KTMs have ruined off road, so I guess something else. ;)

Haha I got you

I like ktm because they still care about 2 strokes, they have the very smooth hydraulic clutches, they come with really nice parts already on them, they make enduro bikes, and they're sexy af

I feel the Japanese brands fall into 2 categories with the exception of the new KX450F.

Honda and Suzuki have gone the cut and thrust route and give up stability and comfort for razor sharp handling.

Yamaha and Kawi seem to have a more relaxed feel but are lazier in the turns.

From there you have so many variations regarding power output, metering that power, weight, quality, etc

I ride Yamaha. I like the relaxed feel of the bikes, the ergos are super comfy for me, and while I give some in the turns, I am never nervous in top gear. I find myself using the clutch more and turning both of my bikes with the rear tire, in other words I am countering the under steer with power over steer. Of the companies Yamaha has continually proven to produce bomb proof bikes, both my YZ125 and YZ450F have proven as such.

Now by far the Austrian bikes are the most cutting edge, innovative bikes with all the components most of us upgrade to from the factory. I absolutely love the fact that they are no holds barred, making every effort to be the class of the motorcycle world. In my view only Yamaha is making counterpunches and is doing it successfully.

So that is where my money goes.

I've only ridden Kawis and hondas but if the two I prefer Kawasaki. Yes parts are more expensive but I feel the kawi's have better performance. That's just my opinion though

Ive owned Yamaha,Honda and Kawasaki and in my opinion im sticking with Kawasaki just love how it feels and the power and the comfort is great.

All the brands are bringing good stuff to the table. What is best for you just depends on your personal circumstances. I had a KTM way before they were Orange, I never regretted buying it, but there were times that I wished I had bought something that didn't require a trip across the state to see a dealer for parts.

Even in this day and age it's still nice to have a supportive dealer nearby, so always keep that in mind.

Me personally, if I were shopping for a new dirt bike, I'd probably wind up with a Yamaha 250 2t. I really want an XR 400 engine in a modern chassis, but since Honda hasn't realized that people want that for woods riding*, I'll go with the Yamaha for its reasonable cost and 2t simplicity. If the price were right I would still consider a KTM, but I don't think I'd ever be able to use it to its full capability.

* If you don't believe me, check the prices of used XR400s in good condition, if you can even find one.

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Well, KTMs have ruined off road, so I guess something else. ;)

Wow man... lol

Being a kid that is going through bikes relatively quickly I like KTM but only because they have such a wide range of bikes. I have a 105sx now and I'm getting either a 150 or 200 next and no one else makes those bikes. Well kdx 200 but I believe KTMs would be leaps and bounds ahead of that. But after KTM I like yam just because we have always had a Yamaha in the house and they look cool lol

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