Cr250 front sprocket

Hey guys, i got to ride my bike today and it was great, the only complaint that i had was it was very aggressive out of corners(spins out like crazy and revs very quickly). I was wondering if a larger front sprocket would help. It has a 13 front and a 50 tooth rear. Any input would be appreciated

I run 13/49 on my 2007 and it works well. If you're coming off a 4 stroke then it's going to seem worse.

larger front would make it faster but might tame down the hit a bit.


another option is a throttle cam, that would change the way the throttle opens.


and of course the mighty seat time, the more you ride the better throttle control you will have.

Yeah, i already have a 12 oz fww on it. I have a 15 tooth front sprocket that i think will fit it

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