DR200 kickstart installation

I know this topic has been talked about many times before but I have taken it upon myself to make a conclusive thread about installing a kickstart on a dr200(se). I plan to race mine in some enduros and would hate to not finish because my battery died after stalling or dropping the bike. I know the old dr200 had one and the trojan has one but parts for those are hard to come by.



Using drz125 parts to install a kickstart on a dr200(easy to find parts for[compared to old dr200 parts] and can be done for under $150)


The Bike:

DG O series exhaust with quiet core insert

Keintech jet kit with airbox lid removed

Mika bars and hand guards

Perelli tires(very meaty tires)

Maybe a big bore in the future


Has the location for a kicstart and is the same cover from a drz125So I pulled the cover off and found the main cases look identical to a drz125 as well.



I could not get a picture with the clutch still on, but the clutch does have the gear to mesh with an idler gear. Now here is the issue: The transmission does not protrude enough for an idler gear so the CASES WILL HAVE TO BE SPLIT IF A KICK START IS GOING TO BE INSTALLED.


That's all I have for now. Ive ordered all the drz125 kickstart parts(I will make a list of all part numbers later) and the output shaft. I have the parts but dont have any pics at the moment. BTW the counter shaft sprocket from the 200 does fit on the drz125 shaft so no need to worry about the drz using 420/428 chain and dr200 using 520(IDK if that has been covered or not but it makes the process a little easier if the internal gears fit). Hopefully I can get a good bit of details sometime tomorrow, I need to pull the engine still.


PS sorry I could not get the pics to attach correctly, Ill try again when I get off work





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An update,


Well it does not look like it is possible to put the kickstart from a drz125 on the dr200. Most of the issues are sizing(shafts, bearings, and gears.


The first is that the idler gear from the drz125 is too large to mesh properly with clutch basket gear. The drz125 idler gear is a 26 tooth and from what I can tell the dr200 is a 24 tooth. Next on the idler gear is that the shaft diameter on the dr200(older not the dr200se) is larger than the drz125 so the bearings are also different so the drz125 output shaft could not be used without changing bearings or adding a sleeve to make it fit.


The last part is that the kickstart gear is also different size, from what i pulled it looks like drz125 is a 31 tooth and dr200se is 34 tooth.


So the only way to put a kickstart on a dr200se is to get the parts from a older dr200(output shaft, idler gear, and all kickstart parts) or use all the trans and clutch parts from a drz125. I may look into machining a few parts to make it work but that is more than the average mechanic would be up for I think


Hopefully this will help some people who wanted to put a kickstart on a dr200se.

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I know the idea was floated on advrider a couple years ago about doing a group buy of kickstart shafts/gears from New Zealand since there Trojan 200s still have kickstarters. I d like to get these and the parts to install the factory oil coolers from the Trojans. I think you need the whole right side cover with passages machined for the oil cooler to work properly.

I know the idea was floated on advrider a couple years ago about doing a group buy of kickstart shafts/gears from New Zealand since there Trojan 200s still have kickstarters. I d like to get these and the parts to install the factory oil coolers from the Trojans. I think you need the whole right side cover with passages machined for the oil cooler to work properly.


I never saw that thread but I have finished installing a kickstart on mine using parts from the old dr200 and drz125. I am going to try and make some diagrams/pics showing which parts can be used from each. A short answer is that the actual gears have to be from a dr200 but just about everything else can be from a drz125. This really helps cut cost as you can easily pick up all the drz125 parts you need for about $75-100 and the gears needed from the dr200 new from motosport for about $120. So it is possible to get all you need in the $200 range. Its just a pain that you do have to split the cases to install

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Figured I would at least post what info I do have so far of this process, its been over a year and still havent got around to it.















I saw this too late, unfortunately, I could have told you that you need 200 parts, not 125.  You may also want to install a valve cover with compression release too, especially if you plan to do engine mods later

I did this about 1.5 years ago, I was mainly curious about the kickstart shaft and it is the same, the only difference was the actual gear. I know these questions get mentined time to time so I didnt mind getting all the parts and getting pics so people interested in the swap could find the general questions. All together I spent less tha $150 bc I source all used parts.

I have not heard about the decomp cover though what is that from? I havent had trouble starting it with the kicker but it doesnt hurt to know if I do mod the engine(looks like the big bore kit group buy is not going to happen though)

Edit: looks like the lt230 has a decomp cover so I am guessing that is the cover you are referencing, never would have though of that

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DR200, LT185, and some 230's have the mechanism in the valve cover.  I did a 200 transplant into a 125 a few years ago, and found all of the differences that you found here.  Even the detent roller for the selector was different. Cases are the same, but not much else.

I just started messing with the Estart bottom ends, and will be doing a couple projects with them soon.

How's that shock 65sx working?

Yea ive realized they may be the same base but so many parts are different, its a little disappointing because it would be great if you could build a 230cc drz125 with all factory suzuki parts or whatever combo you want, unfortunately not the case. Oh well.

One bike that I had at one point that was a clone was the Qlink xf200 and that was essentially, from what ive read and seen by looking at it, was a drz125 engine with estart and big bore/stroke to a 200 so cams and exhaust from the 200s bolt in. Just an interesting fact.

As for the 65sx shock ive got it bolted in and the spring I found fit(maybe a little stiff for my weight as I only weigh 120lb but its all that fit without custom). I just need to compile all the pics and info either tonight or this weekend. The damping seems a bit light(to be expected as I doubled the spring rate) but I think it has good potential and is very simple swap. I am waiting on the front end parts to arrive so I can see how it rides bc the front was way to soft compared to the rear and rear raised up about an inch from less sag. I ordered race tech emulators and BBR HD crf150f fork springs so it should level out nicely and be a nice tunable setup. Again I will post more details in my other thread once this all arrives.

There's no way to make it bigger with OEM parts. I've built a 265cc 200, and a few others. My workbench looks like a DR/Dr-z graveyard.  I'm waiting for pistons to do a 224cc 200 now, and a 128 and 154 (125 piston/200 crank). I should have them soon, and see how that works.  The other easy option is a 68mm piston that Wiseco sells for the 230, which gives 212cc, and a little more compression.

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