Comfort mods

I just spent $180 on some used IMS pegs and some new RC high fatbars with turner mounts to replaced my tweaked regular 971 renthals. I've always felt kind of cramped and uncomftorable standing so I figured I'd give these bars a shot. They are the same as the bars I had before only 20mm higher. I haven't rode it yet but holy crap, just sitting on the bike it feels like a completely different bike. Night and day differene, Way more room. I honestly didn't think I would notice less than an inch rise considering I am a C rider at best and always figured the fraction of an inch differences in handlebars would be hard to notice for a regular joe rider. Pegs are simply amazing too they aren't lowering pegs but extra width is added to the back of the peg and they sit slightly lower they open things up a little as well.



What have you done to make your bike more comfortable to ride?

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Just bars so far, thinking about lowering pegs to but we will see what happens

Really and IMO at 5-11 and about 165 Ibs, I feel I'm in the range of what most modern dirt bikes are STOCK designed for. I don't have to change springs for the suspension etc and can add after market if I want


With that said, when I bought the bike used, it had Pro Taper CR HI bars and like them. First thing someone suggested was rotating the bars forward, then adjusting the clutch, throttle etc and IMO easy free thing to do and I noticed a difference with handling right away.


Then a buddy gave me a pair of Pivot Pegs. Right away I liked having the over sized pegs but was a bit sceptical about the pivoting. IMO with the shifter and rear brake adjusted, these are awesome.

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