2003 WR450 - Choke wont stay open

I have a 2003 WR 450. When I pull out the choke it wont stay in the open position.  I took this off the carb and looked at it and really can't tell what is going on.  If looks like a compete assembly, is there any way to replace the o-ring in this?

It's not the o'ring that has failed it will more than likely be the internal retainer best off replacing the unit

My 03 just did that . Just replace it and you are good to go . The rod has a dent and the black plastic has these 4 finger things that slip into the dent and hold it .

Mine does it too. I just deal with it, only happens every now and then.

I replaced it and the new one works great

My 03 (just got it recently) does the same thing. What part do I need to purchase/replace? Cheers

The choke is a whole assembly, just unscrew it from the carburetor and you will see what you need. I bought mine off amazon

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