cracked generator cover 2014/ 15 WR450

Mate of me in Belgium was on a a trip in the Ardennes,


bike fell over on its left side which thrusted the gearselector into the generator cover, causing a crack spilling the oil..


Are there any similar accidents,

apart from not falling.. are there any ways to prevent the side from cracking or damage?



any thoughts.. ideas  to protect the side or alter the gear shift?


That's just bad luck. Not much to do to prevent that.

Reminds me of an unfortunate friend of mine that on a ride the front tire kicked up a rock and punctured the case on his XR. Just bad luck tat day.

I had some what of a same situation. I bought my bike a couple weeks ago and the first thing I had to do when I got it home was bend the gear shifter back to its original spot. The previous owners had dumped it and bent it into the cover. They never bothered to bend it back out or replace it so now I have a huge deep gash in my cover. The only way I thought of to prevent it really is just to make sure the toe piece is able to fold easily to give it that extra bit of room, then just hope you don't dump it hard enough to put a lot of stress on it.

Happened to me last week. I grinded and rounded the inside of the shift lever. I noticed mine was pretty sharp on the inside. You could also put on a longer one.



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I had this happen from a fall in the woods . The hammerhead shifter seems to be farther out from the case

You can get aluminum plates that cover the clutch and alternator side covers. I think thumpertalk even sells some too. Personally I don't use them, but make sure there are no sharp edges on the gear selector or brake pedal so it's not as likely to pierce the covers.

Yeah, I know those are common on DRZs. Not sure I've seen them on WRs. 

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