'01 or '02 with a slight bog off idle?

Guys, I'm so damn happy right now I have to share! I have an '01 426. My bike has never had an off-idle "stumble" or bog off-idle (at least when the fuel screw was adjusted right :) ). Until recently. The last 2 weekends I've noticed a bog off idle that I couldn't get rid of with fuel screw adjustments. I'd turn it in to lean it out and get a hanging idle. Turn it out to richen it and it would get worse. Arrgh.

Did I over-oil the last two air filters? I noticed the last time I put one on it was pretty heavily coated. So I cleaned 'em up and *lightly* coated them with oil last night. I reinstalled one today, started the bike up, and damn if I didn't still have the bog. I messed with the fuel screw again and verified the same behavior as before. Crap. Now what?

Well, since I had a feeling that I had over oiled the air filter, I took the carb completely apart and cleaned it real nice just now. Even installed the slide backward just for kicks. :D Once I redid the slide and got everything buttoned back up, I started the bike up. Wooohoooo! No more bog!

Must have sucked some oil in the pilot air jet or sumpin' like that.

Anyway, I thought I would share so the newer members can recognize these symptoms and start with a clean carb before they mess with jetting. BTW - my jetting is completely stock right now (about 65 degrees, sea level) with fuel screw adjustments daily to compensate for temperature.

:) Yippie for you

Ya the 426ers really need to breath, my 00 is tempermental that way also in Northern CA. If depending on the day I may have to run up one Main or Down a main. I even keep spare Filters(Wrt Bros / K&N) and the stock. Its funny on wetter days / High Moister Colder days I run the Stock filter with a 165 Main also bring the needle up one. No Bogs No Hogs, Strangly though I did the BK mod and that little peie of trickery really made the diff on exiting corners on roll on, man she snaps up like a 250 and excels real hard

That little PAJ is just begging for something to plug it up! Good job, glad you found the patience to just take it apart and clean it before you freaked.

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