Flywheel shaft stripped

Pulled the flywheel on my Wr426 this weekend. When putting it back together, I was tightening the nut down to 47 ft/lbs when either the nut or shaft stripped. I can't get it back off to check which or both? I tried to back it out with vice grips while pulling but can't get it. Wondering if anybody has had this happen? If so what did it take to get it off/fixed? Would it be safe to run it as is?

Almost certain to be the nut

Do not run it with nut loose

Sorry cant help with getting it off other than keep trying

You may have to cut a slot in the nut on opposite flats then insert a chisel into the slot and spread the nut. If you are not up to the task, take it to a machine shop, pay the guy a $20 and it will be of faster than you can say 'Cat in the Hat' and you will not of done any additional damage.

If it were me what I would try after everything you have already done I would get a dremel die  grinder and they sell very thin composite cutting disc for them and use it like William said by cutting through the nut down to the threads on the crank, not into them. Then a chisel with light blow from a hammer should free it up. If not cut a second spot and try again. Just go slow or you will be buying a crank half and the labor split the cases & press the crank.

Go slow n cut the nut yourself ,I'm a machinist ,no big deal ,take your time n have a go,n any way a how will a machine shop do anything with the engine in the bike

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