2014 WR450 Headlight bulb

My headlight bulb burned out, the stock bulb is 35/35w, but I am not having much luck finding that particular bulb locally, and even online it seems to be a little hit and miss. I can get 55/55 bulbs all day. My concern with the bigger bulb is putting too much strain on the bikes charging system. I know that it's only about 2.5 amps more, but I don't know how robust the system is...? 

The parts fiche makes it look like a fairly typical H4 bulb. Another question is whether the housing can take the extra heat - I have friends who have melted their headlights by putting in too bright of a bulb (on streetbikes). I'm seeing 35W H4s all over Amazon, don't know which ones are any good.


I know the steel frame WR450s run all the lighting on AC, so if you try to use too much power there it won't stop the bike from running. From what I'm seeing it looks like the aluminum frame WRs use an LED taillight so that's run on the DC side, but it looks like the headlight is still on AC. Then again, I'm not an expert.

Rocky Mountain sells a Tusk bright white bulb, 35W replacement for $10 that works very well and is brighter looking than stock. I also just bought a 2500 lumen LED off eBay (uses 18W I think) for $17 that works insanely well - can't report on longevity yet though, but man is it bright. I had already wired my stock headlight connector in with spade connectors, and had to crimp some new connections on the LED because it's a wired assembly, but however you do it, it's an excellent and inexpensive option. If you don't want to mess with that, buy the Tusk. Don't be tempted to get the $30 PIAA light, the Tusk is pretty much identical (i've tried both).

Rocky, does the headlight run on DC on the newer bikes? Or did you get some sort of adapter? 

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