2000 YZ426F - Metal Shavings and Cam Wear

Yeah, but even then, the reduced driveline snatch you get with a BTL is one thing, and freewheeling is another.  I very much doubt I'd even want that on a quad, much less any kind of motorcycle. 

I don't know how much back torque the factory YFZ slippers allow, is it that low? I wonder whether it can be adjusted without too much work.

I pulled the clutch basket and inspected the pressure plate. They both look fine, and will be reused. The gears are also fine due to the fact that most of the debris was aluminum and fibers from the clutch plates. The square key will definitely need to be replaced as there is a good bit of slop in the drive gear. I ordered a replacement key, mainly to take measurements for some new hardened key stock.


I've read the remedy for the square key issue is to make a slightly larger hardened steel square key with a copious amount of red lock tight on the shaft. I will also replace the retaining washers that were removed. I will hopefully be upgrading to a 2001 crank over winter, so that will be the permanent fix. Any other tips or tricks for replacing the square key?


Also, check out my makeshift clutch grabber. It is constructed out of a used fork and spacer plate. It won't win any beauty contests, but saved some down time until I can get the proper tool. It worked like a charm.


Thanks for all of the replies and help. 



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