Help with Breather Hose "T" mod

Hey All,

I recently heard that some of you have placed a T in the breather hose so in case you get into deep water the hose will not suck up water. I would like to know what type of "t" you all have used.

I guess I could just go for it but if you have a slick fitting solution please share...

Thanks as always and Ride On...


:) I use earl grey with a twist of lemon

Dang laptop keeps updating me every time My hands croses the pad.

as I was saying, With that I also just run WFO this causes the hydroplane effect and submersion is never a factor. the only people I notice under water are squids

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i found some tee fittings at Home Depot , in the sprinkler section . they were for a plant watering system , and have held up so far . Applied Racing makes an 8mm crankcase vent filter. it looks like it could work , i wonder if anyone has tried one , and what were the results ?

I don't know first hand, but I've heard that some people get the Ts at a pet store which has aquarium equipment (they're used for the areators). I heard this a long time ago and I have no idea if they have Ts that will fit the size hose that is on our carbs, but it's worth a shot if you cannot find it anywhere else.

:D Thanks All,

Ego, If I hadn't read several of your other posts, I'd take offense to that comment :D Ego is the "I" in team and there aint one!

Keith, Dirtdad, and sirthumpalot,

Thanks for your input. I was thinking of just cutting the breather shorter but I think I'll try to find a fitting at the Depot that will fit.

I wasn't even thinking of the carb breathers...I didn't know they 'sucked' too :)

I like the re-route into the airbox thing...that's pretty slick...I wonder if there is any conflict of interests there...there's lots of suction in that box.

Anyway, I'll probably give it a try and see what happens.

WFO on Earl Grey Tea...sounds like a real hellion!

Take Care All,


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