General question on hour meters

On my old 06 YZ I put an hour meter on it when new that was made by SenDec, and there are now hundreds of knock-offs out there that look identical.  In fact if you look at the one sold by GYTR, that is identical in appearance to the one I had.  That bike had over 90 hours on it when I sold it back in 2014 and the hour meter was still working fine.  So my question is, how big of a deal would it be to have an hour meter that had a replaceable battery (assuming that it won't lose total hours when you change the battery)?  Or what kind of life span can someone reasonably expect from these sealed units?  Prices on an hour meter range anywhere from $8 to $60 that I've seen and I'm just wondering if a generic brand is inferior in any way to the name brand stuff available.

I have the Hardline around $40 on my wr250f. its been on for 3 years and still working.

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