Quicker turn throttle

I'd like to try a quicker turn throttle for my 03 WR450 supermoto. My right wrist isn't what it once was, it's been broken a couple times and doesn't like to bend back as far as it used to, so if I want to be able to open the throttle all the way I have to start out with my wrist fairly high. Any suggestions? I run handguards, so it needs to have a hole in the end. I might like to try it on the YZ426 supermoto as well if I like it. I'd prefer something cheaper than a $150 Motion Pro Revolver, but if that's the way to go I will. Any other good options to consider?

YZ250f throttle tubes have a more agressive throttle cam

Should be easy to figure out if the housing are the same, and there for a cross-fitment for the tube

It looks like 06-13 YZ/WR 250F/450F all use 5TJ-26240-C0-00. Housings appear to be the same on pretty much all 4 strokes. Earlier WRs/YZ-Fs and WR-R/X all use a different tube (but all the same).


Do the newer ones get a bigger cam?

Hum on the 07-11 and 16 WR450 I use the R6 throttle tube which makes it a quicker turn.

Good to know. Since the housing appears to be the same part number, I'll pick one up and see how it works for me. 


What year R6? My recollection is that 99-05 uses a smaller reel than 06+ (I think I have an early R6 tube on my SV1000, the later one wouldn't fit easily).

2C0-26240 appears to be 06+ R6. 5EB-26240 is the earlier one. Thanks.

And also, that isn't the Tamer that I posted, it's the aptly named Quick Turn throttle tube.

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